Sunday, December 4, 2022

18 South African Female Students Roll On The Floor Crying And Screaming As ‘Evil Spirit’ Attacks High School

A high school in South Africa has been apparently affected by a “evil spirit attack,” according to reports.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning, February 23, at DR EP Lekhela High School, Galeshwe in Kimberly, Northern Cape, when girls began acting hysterically after the first period.

About 18 girls, mostly in Grades 8 to 10, started crying, screaming, and rolling on the floor after apparently seeing a “scary creature that was making them weak”.

The girls, from different classes, reportedly started acting up after the first period. None of them could identify something that they could have eaten or drank after reports that the learners might have eaten “space cookies”.

The incident was similar to one at St Boniface High School two weeks ago where the school had to be dismissed due to disruptions.

It is believed that the same scenario happened at another high school in Galeshewe on Tuesday February 22.

At EP Lekhela, pastors were called to the school while several parents also arrived at the school upon learning about the incident. Apparently, it took one of the learners about four hours to return to her normal self.

The affected learners were sent home in the care of their parents while the school was dismissed at 11am before a representative from the Northern Cape Department of Education arrived.

One of the learners affected is in Grade 8 and expressed how shocked and drained she was after her experience. Her aunt is a traditional healer and her grandmother a prophet. She said she collapsed in the women’s toilet.

“I went to the toilet with two of my friends. I heard a powerful force shutting the door and got a shock and strong shivers. I started praying before getting out of the toilet. When I opened the door I saw a creature passing the toilet door where I was supposed to exit. I felt weak and everything went blank,” she said.

“Apparently my friends brought me to the staff room, where they found other children in the same condition. My parents were called in and already knew what to bring to comfort me,” she said.


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