Saturday, May 21, 2022

2-year-old Girl And Her Brother Kill£d, Their Mom Badly Injured After Gunmen Open Fire On Them

A woman survived a brutal shooting by unknown gunmen which took the lives of her two children, leaving her to fight for her life in hospital.

The tragic incident occurred at the family’s home as Charlene Naicker and her six children prepared for supper.

This, however, was cut short as armed assailants opened fire on two-year-old Chalyn Faith Naicker, 14-year-old Ainslee Luke Naicker, and the 38-year-old mother.

According to reports by Mzansi Fire and Security, three suspects approached the homeowner, who was seated outside, and opened fire.

The report indicated, “All three suspects were armed with handguns. The victims were rushed privately to a local hospital. The suspects fled on foot down Ponds Turn towards a pathway.”

The traumatised councillor and sister of the victim, Samantha Windvogel, is still coming to terms with the deaths of Chalyn and Ainslee, as well as the responsibility of taking care of various arrangements necessary in such a circumstance.

An emotional Windvogel said, “It is still hard to think and talk about what has happened. My sister and two of her children were found in pools of their own blood. Chalyn passed away soon after, as she was shot three times. Ainslee managed to make it to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries during the early hours of Saturday. My sister, Charlene, is still in a critical condition in hospital after being shot six times.”

At this point in time, the circumstances around the incident are still unknown as facts are blurred and residents are afraid for their lives, according to Windvogel.

She added, “What’s even stranger is that the shooter allowed the other children, who were in the house, to leave. They ran right past them without being harmed. It just does not make sense. My sister is now without two children, a fact that we cannot even tell her due to her current condition. She will not be able to see the funerals of her own children. These perpetrators need to be caught and imprisoned with the key thrown away.

How can you shoot children? How can you open fire on a two-year-old baby, who was just playing on the floor? Chalyn was the baby and light of our family, she did not deserve this. Ainslee attended the Durban School for the Hearing Impaired and was a bubbly boy, the kind who always made jokes and entertained himself and others. The father is distraught to say the least. We want justice. Today, it is my family, the next day, it will be someone else’s.”

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