Thursday, December 8, 2022

BSCVG Arrests Two Suspects For Swindling Bank Customers And Others In Makurdi

Ugochucku Obilo, 56, and Okwocha Donald, 50, both from Northbank Makurdi, were detained today by members of the Benue State Community Volunteer Guards (BSCVG) for defrauding bank customers who withdrew large sums at the Bank Road Makurdi.

Introducing the suspects at the BSCVG Headquarters in Makurdi, Head of Patrol and Guard Mr. Ime Nathan said that the two run an infamous syndicate that specialized in defrauding people using various ruses along Bank Road, popularly known as New Otukpo Road, in Makurdi.

Mr. Ime claimed that once their victims’ cars are moving, the attackers plant a piece of footwear under them with nails attached, causing the victims’ tires to immediately blow out.

According to Ime, the suspects will then rush to their victims’ cars in the guise of offering help in the pretense of assisting the victims, making away with money and any available valuable they find in the car.

He said they also implore “come and buy” trick popularly known as “Guy Man Business” where they parade products before their potential victims with convincing tactics which enables them get much money from them.

Ime further stated that they were confronted with several reports of the activities of the 419 syndicate saying that prompted them to swing into action which led to the arrest of the two, while others are at large.

While interviewing the suspects, they all agreed that they committed the offences including oil bunkering which according to them was failing them due to the presence of the army in Imo state, hence their relocation to Benue.

Speaking shortly after parading the suspects before official handover to the police, the Commandant of BSCVG Capt Ayuma Ajobi said he was encouraged by the strands of successes his organization has recorded so far in the state and assured citizens that they can even do more if the citizens avail them with the needed information that will lead to the arrest of more offenders.

He praised his men for carrying out their tasks expertly and appealed for more cooperation from the general public to enable them achieve more.


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