Thursday, May 26, 2022

Headless Body Found Dumped At Abeokuta Dump Site

The headless body of a yet-to-be identified woman has been discovered at a dump site in Idi-Odo, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

On Monday, scavengers, popularly known as ‘bolars’ in the area, attempted to pick items from a dump site when they found a well-wrapped sack which they later discovered contained a mutilated body. This is according to a source who lives in the area.

“Their thought was that the sack would contain valuable things as usual. Surprisingly, they found out that the wrap contained a dead woman without a head,” the source told FIJ. “The remnants of the woman were wrapped with towel and put in a sack. They alerted the leaders.”

He said leaders in the area invited the police on Tuesday, but they demanded N15,000 to visit the location. After they arrived, they demanded another N100,000 to take action, which the leaders opposed to.

“Surprisingly, the police are now requesting for additional N100,000 before they pack the remnants or investigate the scene. The leaders then refused to make the payment. Thus, the dead body is still at the dump site now.

“The bad odour exuding from this is unbearable for the dwellers within the environs. Yet the police refused to do anything, despite persuasions and negotiations.”

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