Saturday, November 26, 2022

Large Explosion Rocks Lugansk, Eastern Ukraine (Video)

Two huge explosions have been reported in the east of Ukraine hours after a car bomb blew up a separatist official’s jeep.

The blasts were said to have happened at the Russian separatist city of Luhansk, just 40 minutes apart late on Friday night.

The explosions in Luhansk, where a gas pipeline is claimed to have caught fire after a “powerful explosion”, were reported by the Russian Interfax news agency.

It comes amid fears of an “imminent” invasion with tensions simmering along the Ukrainian border where 190,000 Russia troops are said to be in attack positions.

US president Joe Biden has said he believes Vladimir Putin has made up his mind to attack and that the invasion will be imminent.

He spoke on Friday after separatists backed by Moscow told civilians to leave breakaway regions on buses, a move the West fears is part of a pretext for an attack.

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