Friday, December 9, 2022

New Movie Alert: ‘Inside Life’ Official Release Date

Inside Life is a true life story of Lanre Olorunnisola, who wrote the storyline of the film. The movie is a comedy drama that portrays the life of one Larry; who gets unjustly remanded in prison few days before his wedding date. Larry must not only fight for his freedom to go and get married to his lover, he must also learn how to fight for his survival in the prison.

Inside Life movie

The yet-to-be released drama is star studded with influential actors like Broda Shaggi, Wole Ojo, Nedu of Wazobia FM and many other great actors who starred in it.

In a chat with Mr Lanre, he revealed that the movie is adapted from a book written in 2002 titled: “PRISON NOTE”. He further added that the book talked about his personal true life experience and centered on his unjust imprisonment.

When asked what lesson the movie will pass to the audience, he replied: “when you have liberty make sure to make the most use of it.”

The movie will be out in all cinemas nationwide on the 9th of September, 2022.

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