Thursday, December 8, 2022

South African High School Kid, Bafana Sithole, Hangs Himself After A Girl Accused Him Of Raping Her

A South African grade 11 high school student identified as Bafana Sithole has reportedly killed himself.

It was gathered that the deceased hanged himself with his school tie in a classroom at Kriel High School.

A source who is familiar with the incident said the young boy took the drastic decision after a girl accused him of raping her.

The young boy, who was depressed by the accusation, hanged himself, but the girl later claimed that “she was kidding.”

It was gathered that before the young boy took his life, he wrote a letter to his mother. The letter reads:

Mama I hope this letter finds you 😭💔
By the time you are reading this, I’ll be already gone
Let me love you and leave you

Sengihambile mina maye 😭
I’ve suffered in this world all alone
I was accused by those who are better than me😭💔

May she forgive me for what I did to her😭💔
Kodwa zanke ngim’hlengule mina😭💔
I’m not a rapist

What did I do to her aze ang’zonde kangaka😭💔
I am gone
Bayasho abaziko ukuthi mhlaba awunoni😭

My problems are now solved in a long peaceful sleep 😭💔
May she live longer, ngoba mina ngihlulekile😭💔

May the Good God not sympathize with her😭💔
May my soul cause a cloud of curse upon her life😭💔

My soul won’t rest in peace 😭💔
It was sent to death by those who said I’m a rapist
Mina ngisukelwe ngingonang😭💔

Beyingekho enye into ebekangayisho kunalena😭💔
My heart of gold has stopped beating
What was my fault 😭💔

No one knew this day will come 😭💔
I’m now leaving her in the darkest world and her sky will turn grey😭💔
May my tears be a golden memory in her life

May she never find peace in her life😭💔
I’ll never rest till i get justice 😭💔
Ngiyam’Jabulela ukuthi yena usaphila, mina ngihlulekile😭💔

My life was robbed 😭💔
I thank her for teaching me a lesson even though it was too late
Bengiyoboshelwa yena mina😭💔

Mama thula ungasakhali sekwanele manje😭💔
No one believed me😭💔
Kodwa nawe uyazi bengekhe ngize ngiyenze into efana nalena mina

Thula mama ungasakhali sekwanele 😭💔
Iskhat sam besesifikile 😭💔
Ngisendaweni encono manje 😭💔

Ngiyazi ubuhlungu kodwa nezitha ziyajabula mawukhala 😭💔
Thula mama ungasakhali ujabulisa izitha😭💔

Mina owami umgodi ngiwuvulile ngaphinde ngawuvala😭💔
I’ve fought my fight and I’ve finished my race😭💔
Sesiphelile iskhat sam sokuphila😭💔

Mama ngizohlezi ngikuthanda 😭💔
Khulula inhliziyo yakho
Ngikhulule nami ngihambe ngiyendaweni encono😭

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