Thursday, May 26, 2022

Young Mother, Iulia Bogdan Fall From Top Of A 10-storey Apartment Block While Clinging To Her Children, Killing All Three

A young mother died after falling from the top of a 10-storey apartment block while clinging to her two young children, killing all three.

Iulia Bogdan, 33, a psychology graduate, was divorced from her children’s father, but the couple had reconciled and were planning to remarry.

But on Tuesday morning, she left home to take the two children to kindergarten but parked in front of a block of flats and took the youngsters up to the roof, local media reported.

Authorities are treating their deaths in Timisoara, western Romania as a murder-suicide.

The emergency services arrived on the scene and found the mother and her three-year-old son dead.

Iulia’s six-year-old daughter was still alive but later died in hospital.

Police say the mother was suffering from depression and are talking to family members.

Several weeks ago, she urged her Facebook friends “to spread love because the earth is full of pain and suffering”.

According to reports, Iulia planned to remarry her ex-husband Alex – who worked in Austria – later this year.

Investigators have since learned they were due to remarry on April 28. it is unclear why they did not, Stirile Kanal D reported.

Family expressed concerns over the influence an ex-boyfriend had on the mother.

Investigators inspected the building to find out how the mother gained access to the roof, as residents said the metal door is usually locked. Witnesses say they saw Iula inspecting the building days before.

Meanwhile, the children’s father has travelled to Romania after learning of her death.

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