Friday, September 30, 2022

‘”F*ck The Crown” – Celtic Fans Mock Queen Elizabeth’s Death At Champions League Clash With Shakhtar Donetsk

While playing Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League, Celtic supporters unfurled an aggressive banner that read, “f*** the crown.”

After focusing on an inflammatory poster regarding the Queen’s passing on Wednesday night, BT Sport was forced to issue an apology.

All UK teams, whether at home or abroad, were allowed to observe a one-minute moment of silence in memory of the Queen, who passed away last week.

However, it was decided that there would be no silence prior to kickoff during a pre-game meeting involving Celtic, Shakhtar, and UEFA.

In honor of Her Majesty, players from both sides did don black armbands.

However, it was obvious that several members of the traveling support did not agree with the mood.

F*** the crown was written on a banner that was unfurled just before the game began.

Another banner that similarly made fun of the Queen’s passing was unfurled as the Champions League song was being played. “Sorry for your loss, Michael Fagan,” it said.

In 1982, Fagan made headlines when he boldly scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace before sneaking into Her Majesty’s bedroom while she slept.

The then-schizophrenic painter and decorator spoke to the monarch for about ten minutes about his family.

The late monarch mistakenly believed Fagan was merely a buzzed employee who was eventually tackled by a working footman.

Due to the continuing Russian-sponsored crisis in Ukraine, the game is being played in Warsaw.

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