Saturday, November 26, 2022

Man Sets His Wife On Fire In Obasanjo’s Village For Preparing Breakfast Late

Police officers are searching for a middle-aged man named Hassan Azeez, also known as Saudi, who is suspected of setting his wife, Olayinka, on fire early yesterday.

Azeez allegedly got into a fight with Olayinka, a mother of two, at their home in Ibogun Olaogun, the village of Nigeria’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, and accused her of delaying him from eating breakfast in the morning.

According to reports, Olayinka told Azeez that she would serve him breakfast when she finished her morning duties.

Azeez was reported to have become irked by his wife’s explanation and got into a furious altercation with her, during which he allegedly doused her with gasoline and lit her ablaze.

The event reportedly sparked chaos in the neighborhood as Azeez apparently advised locals against trying to get involved.

“A male passer-by, who was touched by the woman’s plight, had one of his legs burnt while he was trying to save the woman,” a source said.

It was learned that the 33-year-old Olayinka was ultimately saved by some villagers who forced her husband to drive her to a hospital for treatment.

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