Friday, December 2, 2022

Young Make-up Artist, Felistus Banda Took Her Own Life By Drinking Insecticide (Photos)

A young girl identified as Felistus Banda has taken her own life after taking to social media to advise people on how to take keen interests in people’s issues.

The young Zambia girl who took to her Facebook account few hours ago said people should be concerned about others’ private issues and give solution to their predicament.

According to her close associates,it’s alleged that Banda was going through a lot of disappointments in life and rejections.

Salemgists learnt that the lady who is a make-up artists took to Whatsapp to display an insecticide, “Boom insecticide” which she used in taking her life.


“Every relationship I tried never worked out, people used to mock me and I think it’s the best time for me to die…”,Banda told her friends.

She wrote on Facebook:

Most times when we come across a post about someone committing suicide,we are too quick to call them cowards or say things like “everyone has problems” Sometimes suicidal people try to reach out to people they are close to but well they take their issues lightly or just brush them off,also we handle pain differently,you might have been in the same situation as someone and got out of it,but someone else might not get over it,let us not trivialize other peoples problems,let’s not make it a problems competition when people come to us,if you can’t listen or offer any help,it’s okay to say you’re unable to help,do not ignore and pretend to be all sweet when they’re gone,it’s very disgusting.

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