Friday, September 30, 2022

A Brazilian Doctor, Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, Caught On Camera Orally Raping A Woman During C-section (Video)

A video showing moment a Brazilian anesthetist put his penis in a pregnant woman’s mouth during her C-section has emerged.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, a 32-year-old anesthesiologist was caught on a hidden camera inserting his genitals into a woman’s mouth after heavily anesthetizing her during a C-section.

Hospital nurses, who noticed his patients are usually too weak to hold their babies after surgery, set up a hidden camera to find out why and the camera caught him in the act.

Bezerra apparently performed two additional procedures on Sunday, but his worried medical team had a difficult time setting up a covert camera to monitor what he was doing. They were concerned about the potential for patient harm.

The crew was able to successfully switch the operating room at the eleventh hour so that he could have his third procedure of the day and implant a covert camera.

Bezerra abused the patient for almost ten minutes while remaining on the opposite side of the surgical sheet and less than a meter away from his coworkers.

Watch the video below:

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