Friday, September 30, 2022

A Farmer Drowns In Kaduna Boat Mishap

A former reportedly drowned on September 18 as a result of a boat accident in the Kabala Doki hamlet, which is a part of the Kaduna North LGA.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning at 8:30 when the victim whose name was only given as Umar, used the canoe to assist some individuals who had become stuck across the river.

The victim, who is well-liked in the neighborhood and who owns a farm adjacent to the river, perished, but everyone else on board survived.

He said;

“It is worrisome because Umar knew how to swim and had been at the riverside for years farming. This is why we were surprised to learn he got drowned in the same river while trying to rescue people who got stranded on the other side of the river. May Allah forgive his shortcomings.”

“The body of the farmer has not yet been found, according to Muktar Baloni, Chairman of the Kaduna North Local Government, who confirmed the occurrence.

“Baloni expressed regret over the flooding that occurred in a portion of the local government territory and said the council was gathering information about the impacted homes to help the victims.”

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