Friday, December 9, 2022

Masked Men Break Into A Home In North Baltimore, Shoot A Teenager, Jesika Tetlow In The Head

Early on Tuesday, an 18-year-old teenage girl was shot and murdered in North Baltimore while she was out with her companions.

The victim, identified by police as Jesika Tetlow, was shot in the head as she was inside a house close to Turnbridge and York roads.

Friends of the young lady who want to remain anonymous claimed they would never forget the events that led up to her passing.

“They put a pillow over her head, and they shot her twice,” a friend said.

Friends claimed that while they were inside a home, a group of males wearing masks and all-black clothing forced their way inside the back entrance and held them at gunpoint.

“That’s when they held me to the ground and start taping me up right after that everything just went black to me,” a friend said. “There was probably like five, I didn’t see faces or anything. I was right next to her. I was probably like maybe not even a foot away, that’s when I heard two shots.”

The 18-year-old allegedly said she didn’t have a smartphone when the robbers demanded that everyone give them up, but when they discovered it they shot her.

“I didn’t look, I just heard it,” a friend said. “I was just looking down because I knew they were going to do something.”

The friends said after the thieves left, they called the police.

“We waited like five minutes and we were still taped to the ground and I got up and seen her not breathing,” a friend said.

Detectives are now investigating this homicide while the people who witnessed it were left horrified after watching their friend die.

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