Friday, September 30, 2022

Woman Fumes As She Throws Her Husband Out Of The House Over Infidelity (Video)

A video of a Nigerian woman throwing her husband’s possessions out of their home after catching him with another woman has gone viral.

In the footage, the woman, who was obviously upset, was seen throwing her husband’s belongings out of the rental home.

The woman was heard asking, ”this house when I dey pay house rent naim you come dey do nonsense?”

The surprised man claimed that his wife could not eject him because he is the head of the household.

As he charged towards his wife, the man was heard saying, “I am the man of this house. You nor go fit drive me.”

He claimed that the woman robs him of a lot of his entitlement.

His “Ghana must go” bag was thrown, and the TV he brought to the house was destroyed as their neighbours came over to beg the woman to stop.

Watch video below:

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