Friday, December 9, 2022

5 People, Including Mother And Daughter, Lori And Natalie Aviles Shot Dead In Texas Shooting Rampage

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that a shooting in McGregor, Texas, not far from Waco, has claimed the lives of five people.

The shooter opened fire on police when they arrived at a Central Texas home at 7:30 on Thursday, September 29. Jimmy Hering, mayor of McGregor, said.

Police returned fire, wounding the shooter, who is currently being held at a nearby hospital.

The property was in utter chaos when police arrived; one woman’s body was recovered outdoors, and another woman was found dead inside.

Two victims of the deadly rampage have been identified as Lori and Natalie Aviles by family members who shared photos and tributes online.

“A coward with a gun took my sister and beautiful niece’s lives just for being outside of their own home,” Lori’s brother, Leon Olvera, wrote on social media.

“This feels like a bad dream but our family is strong and we will remain strong for you sis. I’m just broken right now because I’ll never see you guys beautiful smiles again.”

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