Sunday, December 4, 2022

A Father Beats His 6-year-old Son To D£ath For Stealing His Money

A man allegedly beat beat his 6-year-old son to death after he accused him of stealing his money.

An eyewitness said the little boy was on his way to school and he stole doughnut from a shop. people whom he stole the doughnut from even gave him more of it and asked him to go.

They all claimed that his father and step mom have the habit of starving & beating him to stupor on daily basis.

The eyewitness added:

“I saw so many scars on his body and took the boy to my house, interviewed him and he told me so many things. How he has been suffering since his mother left his father. I gave him some biscuits, asked him to come and eat at my place anytime and promised to see his father this week before he left for school just to wake up.

This morning with shouting that his father has accused him of stealing his money and has been beating him on Friday night till 1A.M on Saturday.

The little boy was found lifeless this morning after the father tried to wake him up to run an errand for his pregnant wife.
The little Boy MUST have been calling
“MUMMY MUMMY” in pains, But there was no Answer. His father has finally killed him.

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