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A Teenager, Audreona Barnes Who Went Missing 8 Months Ago Found Lifeless Wrapped In A Blanket

A missing Ohio woman was found dead after a cleaning worker found her body wrapped in a blanket while moving a pile of clothes in an apartment.

The body of Audreona Barnes was discovered Thursday on a Cleveland apartment balcony, according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Cleveland police said the cleaning worker found Barnes’ body when they were moving a pile of clothes on the balcony.

Police say it’s still unclear how long her body was there.

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The previous tenant had been evicted in mid-March, according to Cleveland police.

The medical examiner did not list a cause of death, and Cleveland police have not said if Barnes’ passing is being investigated as a homicide.

Questions have surrounded Barnes’ case since the beginning.

Barnes’ family reported her missing in late July 2021 to Warrensville Heights police. The 19-year-old had dreams of joining the Army and met with recruiters the last day she was seen.

Akua Avegnon, Barnes’ mother, said she was last seen being dropped off at her boyfriend’s house on Warner Road in Cleveland. Avegnon said her boyfriend received a text from Barnes’ number on July 30, 2021 requesting to be picked up at a gas station.

The text “didn’t seem like it came from her,” Avegnon said, and that was the last anyone heard from Barnes.

At the time, family members said Barnes’ social media accounts were deactivated and her phone was turned off. In October 2021, Warrensville Heights Det. Gregory Curry said he had not ruled out foul play in Barnes’ disappearance.

Curry said Army recruiters picked Barnes up at her boyfriend’s house and then dropped her back off there. It was unclear to the recruiters if Barnes went back into the apartment or if she walked away, Curry said.

He said there is no gas station located on Warner Road where Barnes’ had reportedly asked her mother’s boyfriend for a ride.

Curry said he tried to interview Barnes’ boyfriend but was unsuccessful.

Barnes’ family and volunteers led a search party in November 2021 in the same neighborhood where she was last seen and ultimately found dead.

Cleveland police, Warrensville Heights police and the medical examiner had not commented on the discovery of Barnes’ body as of Sunday afternoon.

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