Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A Woman, Kemisha Wright And Her Four Children Found Dead With Their Throats Slashed

A tragic incident occurred in Clarendon, Jamaica after a mother and her four children were found dead with their throats slashed.

The tragic discovery was made at their home this morning in the community of Cocoa Piece in New Road.

The mother has been identified as 34-year-old Kemisha Wright, and her four children are Kimana Smith, 15, Shemari Smith, 10, Kafana Smith, 5, and 23-month-old Kishaun Henry.

A cousin of the deceased woman, 23-year-old Roshane Barnett, has been named as a person of interest.


“It is an act of savagery and brutality of unequal proportions. These are young, promising children with their lives ahead of them. Wright was a hardworking and honest young woman who was making a life for herself and her children,” said Chang this morning at the start of the parliamentary committee that is reviewing the Firearms (Prohibition, Restriction and Regulations) Act, 2022.

Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang argued that their killing reflects the epidemic of interpersonal violence that permeates sections of the society.

He charged that such utter evil reinforces the need for the government to continue a holistic approach to “this disease of interpersonal violence in our society”.

The national security minister expressed condolences to the family and said the police are conducting investigations and he expects a breakthrough in the case in short order.

He added that state agencies including the Child Protection and Family Services Agency have been deployed to provide support.

Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesperson on National Security Peter Bunting also condemned the horrific act of violence.

He urged community members with any information that can assist the police to come forward.

Commenting on the tragedy, Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs Marlene Malahoo-Forte said these are not normal times.

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