Friday, September 30, 2022

A Young Woman, Uwakfon Sunday Akpan, Allegedly Killed By Her Boyfriend In Uyo

A young woman identified as Uwakfon Sunday Akpan has been allegedly murdered by her boyfriend in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

The cousin of the deceased identified as comrade Levite Akpan, a human rights activists revealed this in a social media post.

She stated that the victim was reportedly murdered by her boyfriend inside her house located within the state capital.

Levite Akpan added:

“My cousin whose name is Uwakfon Sunday Akpan was having preparation to bring her daughter back home due to the disturbance of her daughter who was complaining of missing her.

“My cousin Uwakfon Sunday had spoken with my mum on how she assist her daughter to get to a transport bus to take her to Uyo where her mother stays.

“My cousin has made arrangements with a driver that will bring her daughter back to her.

“On Monday night she called my mum to know if her daughter was set to go cos the daughter was supposed to leave on Tuesday, which my mum told her n driver where they pick the daughter which is from my mom’s church Assemblies of God in surulere.

“On Tuesday 13th of September as early as 5am, my mom got a call from my cousin’s number thinking it was my cousin that was calling. When my mum pick the call, he noticed it was a male voice. Then the guy told my mom that my cousin sister is de@d. She thought it was a joke. My mum ask the guy who are u in a loud voice, he said he’s name is Godwin then he cut the call. My c mum called the line back severally he refused to pick then later after some minutes he picked. My mom ask the boyfriend what happened to my cousin sister, he claimed my sister was s¡ck was complaining of headache, they gave her paracetamol then he left to church only for him to çome back and found her dead. Then my mom told him that how can she d¡e just like that someone she spoke with without any signs that she’s s¡ck.

“This same guy called my cousin brother who happens to be her immediate of the deceased that her sister is dead that he should come and carry his corps. We had to tell my brother not to go there alone, he should go there with the police which he did has instructed. When he go there he saw my cousin sister lifeless body with wound all-over her n her neck broken.

“I had to call officers SP Odiko Macdon who is a superintendent of police to transfer the case to his table. As I speak with you the case is at the police headquarters and the k¡ller boyfriend has been arrested. His right now in detention at the police headquarters.

“On Friday the Nigeria Police Force from the Police headquarters in Ikot akpana bia in Uyo Akwa Ibom state visited the crime scene which is the home my cousin sister stay which is also the place her boyfriend k¡lled her .

“The house where she live was investigated. The police has ask the brother to come back on Monday.

“Godwin Essang who k¡lled my cousin sister is still denying he did not k¡ll my cousin sister.

“My problem with the police now is they are trying to monetize the case so that my brother will back down from the case.

“One of the police his telling him if he wants to push the case further it will involved lots of money. This statement alone is to try to discourage him from getting justice which is not suppose to be so.

“Our police have made it looks like if you don’t have money they won’t go further despite Knowing fully well the person commit a crime.

“But have spoken to Fida Branch in Akwa Ibom state over my late cousin sister case. They have ask my brother to come over to ministry of justice where their office is located.”

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