Saturday, May 21, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo Was Annoying As Manchester United Teammate – Wayne Rooney Claims

Wayne Rooney insists Cristiano Ronaldo was “f***ing annoying” while teammates at Manchester United.

The Derby manager has opened up on his time at Old Trafford and representing England.

And while Rooney and Ronaldo combined to devastating effect on the field, the 36-year-old concedes the Portuguese superstar irritated him despite his quality.

“Cristiano was so good and so f***ing annoying at the same time,” Rooney said, while also claiming the Portuguese “likes diving” in reference to the famous clash in the 2006 World Cup, which resulted in a red card for the England striker.

“He is probably not as good now but he is probably just as annoying.

“I had no issue with Cristiano whatsoever [after theTeammate following Portugal’s win over England]. I spoke to him in the tunnel. I said, ‘I have no issue with you getting me sent off’, because I’d spent the first half trying to get him booked for diving.”

Rooney, in charge of the Rams, who are currently enduring a period of financial turmoil and a Championship relegation battle, admitted to turning down an interview at Everton as it might impact his chances of one day returning to Old Trafford.

Rooney concedes he is “not ready” yet, but he is planning everything to be able to seize the opportunity should the call arrive one day.

While Rooney also offered some support for Marcus Rashford during a difficult spell for the Red Devils.

The club-record goalscorer, on 253 goals, hopes Rashford, currently on 93 goals at just 24 years of age, can stay at the club long-term and break his own record.

He added: “I hope that Marcus Rashford f*** gets his head out of his a and goes and breaks that record. He is a Manchester lad.”

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