Sunday, December 4, 2022

Fighter Jet Crash Near A School In Iran’s Tabriz, Two Students, Instructor Confirmed D£ad (Video)

A military aircraft has crashed near a school in Tabriz, Iran, killing both its pilots and at least two persons on the ground.

A video shows fire fighters trying to extinguish the fire caused by the fighter jet crash in “Shahid Alipoor” sports complex in Tabriz, eastern Azerbaijan, Iran.

It was saddened to hear that both students pilot and instructor pilot lost their lives in the crash of the F-5F Tiger II combat-trainer aircraft.

A number of people are killed and injured in the sports center as well.

According to the head of Red Crescent Society of Tabriz, the sports center & school next to that were closed and empty and that’s why pilots chose to crash their F-5F into them to avoid casualties.

However, a car was parked next to the school and driver of the car lost his life.

Watch video below:

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