Thursday, May 26, 2022

First Lady Jill Biden Prevented From Teaching Classes At Northern Virginia Community College After A Bomb Threat

First Lady Jill Biden was prevented from teaching classes at Northern Virginia Community College on Tuesday after a bomb threat was reported on campus.

Biden was warned about the threat of the Alexandria campus before she left the White House to teach her classes.

She was never in danger, her spokesman said, and the campus has been evacuated closed for the day.

The First Lady teaches classes on the campus every Tuesday morning.

It is not year clear where the threat came from and if it was related to the First Lady. Jill Biden’s spokesman Michael LaRosa said in a statement: ‘The First Lady was informed about a bomb threat at Northern Virginia Community College prior to departing the White House for class this morning.

‘At no point was she in any danger. All questions about the incident should be referred to Northern Virginia Community College.

‘All questions about security should be referred to the United States Secret Service.’

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