Thursday, December 8, 2022

Illinois Grandparents Perish In Gory Plane Crash While Heading To North Carolina

Two Illinois grandparents lost their lives in a gory plane crash on Saturday while en route to North Carolina to celebrate Thanksgiving with their son and grandkids.

Joseph Kreher, 64, and Patty Kreher, 66, were killed when their plane, a Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, crashed in North Carolina, just minutes away from the runway at the Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem.

According to KSDK, the Krehers had departed from the St. Louis Downtown Airport in Cahokia, Illinois, and made a stop in London, Kentucky, before their plane ultimately crashed around 11.15am.

The grandparents had reportedly been circling the runway before the ‘airplane lost control’ and hit the ground. Pete Wentz with the National Transportation Safety Board provided an update on the crash on Saturday afternoon and said that the Krehers approached from the west, ready to land on runway 3-3 before they began a circle of the airport.

“The pilot communicated saying he needed to circle the airport for a second attempt and during the circling maneuver, the airplane lost control and impacted the ground,” Wentz said. A family member who spoke with WGHP said that the Krehers were flying into town to celebrate Thanksgiving, a trip they had made several times. According to the National Association of Flight Instructors, Joseph Kreher is a certified flight instructor.

Wentz said the investigation into the crash will look into several factors that could have caused the plane to go down.

“We’ll be looking into the environment, what the weather was, and what the impact was on that flight.” Wentz added.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board will both be involved in the investigation.

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