Sunday, December 4, 2022

It’s Better And More Exciting To Have S£x With Women, Men Are Boring In Bed – Former Glamour Model, Megan Barton Hanson

Model Megan Barton Hanson, who also appeared on the reality tv show Love Island back in 2018, shared her thoughts on whether or not men or women were better in bed.

The 27-year-old, who identifies as bisexual, says sex is better with women.

Megan said: “The connection, the energy, it’s just different with women and I’ve never had that with a guy.

“As much as I try and drop hints still they are clueless. I feel like a lot of straight sex is just a rush to get to the end and is so boring.

“With guys it’s quite selfish whereas with women it’s about what you can do for the other person and that turns me on more.”

The ITV favourite also thinks that dating women is more exciting.

She added:

“With a girl it’s just so much more exciting and interesting.

“And I have a lot more respect for women. When I’m dating a man I am just waiting for them to f**k up and say something inappropriate or mention my sex work or ask me about sleeping with women.

“With girls it’s just so much more free and exciting.”

I agree with Megan. Sex is better with women, although I have to confess I’ve only had sex with women. So that could be skewing my thoughts on the subject a little bit.

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