Saturday, May 21, 2022

Kindergarten Teacher Flogged 3-year-old, Cherish Ohamadike Child Until She Fainted (Video)

Cherish Ohamadike, a two-year-old pupil of Unique Valour, Lagos, was on Monday manhandled by a teacher in the school.

It was gathered that the teacher, identified as Joy, inflicted obvious marks on the girl because she refused to read.

In a video shared by Jack, a Twitter user, the stripes could be seen on the young girl’s back, as she was in pains.

Faustina Ohamadike, Cherish’s mother said:

“I got back from work and tried to wake her gently. She screamed and I was surprised. When I raised her clothes, I saw bruises all over her back. I went to the owner of the school and complained. She apologised and said the teacher who was staying at her place did it.”

“Cherish was not feeling fine. The marks on her back were many; it would be up to 24 lashes. Her temperature was so high that I was even scared. Till now, the teacher has not called me to even say sorry. She has shown no remorse.

“My husband has told me to leave the matter since she apologized. What I am concerned about is that this is not repeated.”

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