Friday, September 30, 2022

Missing Colombian Girl, Maria Camila Villalba, Beheaded By Her Captors After She Was Kidnapped On A Farm (Video)

Members of a family have become devastated after they saw a video of their missing daughter being beheaded in El Bagre in the Antioch department in Colombia.

The young woman was identified as Maria Camila Villalba Espitia, just 17 years old, who was reported missing and was desperately wanted by her relatives.

The minor was one of two women who were kidnapped from the farm where the body of a man had been found decapitated.

However, all hope of finding Maria Camila alive vanished when a terrible video began to circulate on social media showing the unfortunate moment the teenager was decapitated by her abductors.

Prior to the video, a photo of the young woman had circulated when she was captivated by strangers and in the video it could be proven that it was her, because she wore the same clothes.

In the video, it can be seen how unknown men remove all the organs from the stomach of the lifeless young woman’s body.

Camila’s desecrated body and the decapitated head of another man were seen in the video.

To find her body and give her a befitting Christian burial, Maria Camila’s family spared no effort so they can also rest from this nightmare.

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