Saturday, May 21, 2022

Russia Loses Its 8th Colonel As Ukrainian Forces Wiped Out Russian Military Convoy (Video)

Russian Colonel Denys Kurylo, commander of the 200th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, was killed in Kharkiv Oblast.

According to available data, two battalion tactical groups of 200 omsbr were destroyed in Ukraine.

The total loss of brigade personnel exceeded 1,500 servicemen.

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The colonel is the latest in a long list of slain Russian military leaders, which experts say betray the Kremlin’s tactics in the brutal invasion.

Kurilo follows seven colonels and seven generals who have been killed by defiant Ukrainian forces in the month-long war.

Colonel Nikolay Ovcharenko, chief of the Western Military District engineer troops, was killed in an ambush that left a total of 18 Russians dead by a pontoon bridge over the Siverskyi Donets River.

This is as Ukrainian forces wiped out another Russian military convoy today, including a Buk SAM system.

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