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Signs Your Friend Is In Love With You

Signs your friend is in love are not always apparent unless you are a keen observer. The term “Friendship” means a potent union. 

Your friend is that particular person who knows certain things about you. They know your worries, fears, insecurities, and happiness. There is a thin line between friendship and relationship. There are certain boundaries your friend won’t cross.

But once your friend crosses unwritten boundaries, it usually means your friend has developed deeper feelings for you.

Falling in love with a friend is very easy and common. Research has shown that 80% of relationships start with friendship. Before dating, many people would love to start as friends.

Many friends would shy away from romance. But, once you notice these clues, it is a sure sign that your friend is in love with you.

22 Signs Your Friend Is In Love With You

1. Physical Intimacy Starts

As a being, everyone is entitled to a personal space. That emotional space is what you protect very well because it is where you find physical, spiritual, and mental solace. This energy bubble rotates around us, and we instinctively guard it very well.

But there is an exception to the person that genuinely cares about you. They will always want to be close to you and strive to be there for you in any situation.

They will break down your walls and move deep into your soul. The feelings in a relationship is more profound than friendship, which is a sure flag that your friend is in love with you.

2. People Begin To See You and Your Friend As Couples

People, especially friends, have this deep instinct about things in their circle of friendship. They see you and this particular friend every time together. They will begin to tease you guys as couples.

Friends usually see the energy involved in the friendship, and know early on that it’s more than a platonic friendship.

3. Initiates personal meetings 

If you and this friend start spending more time together, and they constantly invite you out, the friendship is no longer platonic. This means the person is developing deep feelings for you.

The person sees a personal hangout as an opportunity to get closer to you and progress the friendship into a more defined union.

4. No Discussion of Romantic Interests

Unlike friends who chat about their escapades and love life, a friend who loves you won’t discuss issues on that subject. They will want to appear single and available to you. 

5. Always Lending a Helping Hand

Friends help friends; there is no big deal in it. But if your friend is secretly in love with you, he or she will also go out of their way to help you.

As a man, he will always see you as his damsel in distress and find any medium to be your hero.

That friend secretly in love with you will proffer solutions for all your challenging problems, even if it requires a sacrifice.

They are ready to prove that they love you very well. When you notice this, it means your friend is in love with you.

6. Expose Their Feelings When Drunk

Alcohol is a potent substance that exposes hidden feelings. When drunk, one feels relaxed and begins to utter things they wouldn’t say when sober.

After a hangout, your friend in a drunken state may start to speak romantic words to you. You won’t expect them to say it when sober because of shyness or rejection.

But, when they have an alcohol boost, the mouth unleashes the heart’s innermost thoughts.

7. Compliments You Often

A compliment is a tonic that boosts morale. And as friends with no strings attached, you may never get one.

But if there is this one friend that compliments you heartily and passionately… He or she never stops to compliment your hair or cloth.

They notice when you get a new perfume or cream or visit a spa or gym. This shows the person is deeply in love with you and always thinking about you.

8. Always By Your Side

When your friend is in love with you, there will always be by your side at any given time. Even with your friends on a hangout, they will always find time to steal you out and spend time with you.

If the person is your colleague at work, he or she will always be at your table at every opportunity. This is a clear sign that shows your friend is into you.

9. They are Vulnerable 

Vulnerability is a sign of weakness; when your friend feels weak, they can open up their fears to you. They won’t hide anything from you. When you notice this, it means the friend has feelings for you.

Before one can open up to a person, one needs to trust that person. Having that element of trust for you is a green light that the friend loves you.

10. Lovey-Dovey Gaze

In the space of friends, there is always this one person that looks at you frequently. Their gaze lingers on you at every single meeting. This means the friend is in love with you. The eyes have the power of attraction. Once you notice this friend that stares at you deeply, that means he or she is in love with you. 

11. Chemistry Happens Between You Both

This chemistry here is not a subject or course, it is an organic feeling of love that your brain passes to your body. It also ignites butterflies in the stomach. Once you notice this, it means your friendship has evolved. This chemical spark is difficult to define. But, once you feel this within yourselves, it means you both are in love.

12. They Feel Touchy 

In a circle of friendship, a Platonic friend will not feel the urge to touch you anyhow. But once you have a friend in love with you, he or she will find any medium to touch you. They will always flirt with you by touching. Once you notice this, it means your friend is in love with you.

13. They Joke Flirtingly

Many friends use humor and comedy to mask a lot of things. A friend who loves you will always try to flirt with you jokingly. Once they notice your reciprocation, they will know you like it.

So, if you see a particular friend that proposes to you jokingly, there is every tendency that they are very serious.

14. Passionate and Dramatic Arguments

Suppression is very difficult. Once a friend has deep feelings for you, he or she might try to mask and suppress it under the guise of friendship.

These suppressed feelings usually find a way to show themselves during arguments. If you notice argument and drama between you and your friend, this is a sign that your friend might be in love with you.

15. Jealousy Sets In

Jealousy is the green-eyed monster that sets in relationships. You could notice that a friend gets jealous when you are with the opposite sex.

They get jealous when they see you very close with another and view such as rivalry. This friend will often try to talk you out of some specific partnerships.

This shows their drive to protect and defend you and your feelings. Once you notice this trait from your partner, it shows that your friend is in love with you.

16. Couple Goals

There is this friend of yours that is very close to you. You both cook together and do the laundry together. Someone seeing all this might pass you both as couples. That shows you have a powerful connection and feeling for the person. This togetherness cannot happen if both of you are Platonic friends. It requires a more profound connection for activities like this to take place. Both of you have feelings for each other when things like this happen.

17. They Don’t Talk About Love Life

Anyone who truly loves you won’t feel comfortable with their partner discussing their past or present romantic affairs with others.

This friend cringes once you bring up a romance topic or talk about a crush you have. This shows that the person genuinely cares about you and feels envy when you talk about another person with passion.

A regular friend won’t feel anything about your escapades. But, a friend who loves you will envy you once you talk about your love life with another. It is a clear sign that your friend is in love with you.

18. They Check Up On You

A friend in love will check up on you for no reason. They will always be in your inbox, workplace, and home. It shows you are always on their mind, and they can’t pass a single day without thinking of you. When you notice these signs, it means the friend is in love with you.

19. They Are Not In A Relationship

This particular friend who is into you is not in a relationship. He or she is single and makes himself or herself available at all times.

This is because that friend treasures you and sees you as a potential partner. You will also notice that this friend has less time for other people, especially those of the opposite sex. They would prefer to spend any spare time with you.

20. They Strive To Look Their Best

A friend who loves you will try every possible to impress you. They will consciously strive to appear perfect in their dressing and their actions. They carry out every task to quintessence. By doing this, they strive to show their feelings for you.

21. Cuddling Sets in

Platonic friends do not cuddle. If your friend always cuddles you, it shows that he or she has a deep affection for you. When seeing a movie, the girl might sneak up to your body and place her head on your chest. It shows she has deep feelings for you. 

22. They Talk About Marriage

A friend could talk about marriage unconsciously or perhaps consciously. Once your friend discusses marriage with you, that means he or she loves you and is ready to settle down with you.

To Wrap Up

Seeing signs your friend is in love with you is exciting at first. However, it can also cause anxiety later if you’re unsure how to interpret these signs with the right friend or reciprocate correctly.

Not all friendships will end in a fruitful relationship is essential. So, define your friendship and know that boundaries are important. 

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