Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Three Persons Killed Alongside Chop Boii Identified

The three additional victims who perished in the same violent killing spree as singer Chop Boii have been named.

Chop Boii was at his producer’s house with other people when they were attacked and killed.

These people included the producer Beerollings, the producer’s girlfriend Blessing, and a DJ by the name of Gwezi.

The victims’ pictures have now been posted online.

According to reports, the producer Beerollings was discovered with his head broken and his brain on the floor. His home, which includes a small studio, is where the attack took place.

His girlfriend Blessing, who was allegedly a UNICROSS student, was killed by a hacksaw. When she was discovered, she reportedly had five cuts on her skull. Her hand had also been severed.

Along with the group, a disc jockey (DJ) named Gwezi was also killed. He was a kind man who left his home in quest of better opportunities, according to friends.


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