Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Man, Marques Lawrence Kills Brother, Goes On Fb Live Claiming It Was A Suicide (Video)

A 24-year-old man identified as Marques Lawrence went live on Facebook after claiming his “Brother” shot himself.

His story changes a few times so people believe that he did it due to discrepencies in his story and the position of the body.

In addition, although no new update available to the public yet but it is learnt that Marques has been arrested.

It is believed that Lawrence has been arrested for homicide. However the Cook County Jail Records do not list a charge.

In a video he posted on Facebook, it literally shows the deceased man laying on the bathroom floor with blood everywhere.

Watch video below:



  1. He killed his own brother and went live what a waste of life lmaooooooooo he gone rot in jail a whole life disgrace.

  2. Unfortunatel the brotha lost his life. But dude was on the video over acting. Not a tear in sight. He literally didn’t shed a tear until he heard the sirens. He talking about a warrant. That’s the least if his worries. He’s going right to the chain gang. Hope he like bologna sandwiches. And he won’t have to worry about another washroom door any longer. They don’t have washroom doors. His voice was annoying as fuk. Who finds their brother dead n goes on live n literally sit there reading the comments. Looking directly into the cameras. One thing for sure. He’s good on that little warrant. He need to be worrying about that murder charge. He keep saying why you didn’t me like this. The fuk. Do you like that. I don’t think he noticed his brother laying on the floor dieing. Typical. Everything going on n he’s thinking of himself. Ok I e had enough. Rest in peace to the deceased n the family as well. Sad situation. May the Lord cover them with his comfort as they mourn the lost they are enduring. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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