Friday, December 2, 2022

Fulani Militias Slaughters Five People In Edo Community (Graphic Photos)

Suspected Fulani Militias killed no fewer than five persons and injured several others in an attack on Odiguetue, an agrarian community in Ovia North-East Local Government Area of Edo State.

A source who is a resident of the village said the attack and killing happened on Thursday, April 7, adding that members of the community have constituted themselves into vigilance groups to protect themselves.

It was gathered that the herdsmen came on Thursday morning to unleash mayhem on the locals, who for sometime had been resisting the headers from feeding their cows with the farm produce of the villagers.

The incident is confirmed in a statement released by the community leader, Lt. Commander Anthony Ogie (Rtd).

He said:

“for sometime now, the herdsmen have been harassing us. You can’t go to the farm anymore because of them. Last week, around 7pm, they came close to the houses, shooting but when the people came out, they went back to the bush”.

“Then on Thursday, people were on their farms when the herdsmen came and killed three people. That was in the morning. Later in the evening, they came again and killed two more but this time on the expressway. There is a police check point on the highway. The police saw them but didn’t do anything.

“Anytime the herdsmen come , we usually call the police and soldiers, who will come but will not go into the bush where these herdsmen have their camps, even when the villagers volunteer to lead the security men. Odiguetue is a peaceful community. How can you do this to a people who are peaceful and who go about their normal businesses”?.

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